The week that was

Yes I know I stole that name from a famous news program.

Exams are on in Bajaj. While everybody is studying, it hasn’t gotten crazy. Owing to an afternoon slot, everybody studies on the morning of the exam, and has managed to take the study out of study leave. And if you have been following my posts, let me answer that nagging question dear reader.

I made a delicious mess of financial accounting.

And apparently, playing the prick that pretends that he/she hasn’t studied is still in roaring fashion. They wave their hands in helplessness and then miraculously spout out long-winded answers. We’re in a masters’ degree for god’s sakes. Some of you are fathers. Isn’t it time you guys stopped this silliness and admit that you did study? Sheesh.

At the risk of sounding like a hypocrite, I must say I studied very little. Sure, I put in a few hours for economics, operations etc. and for accounts I sat in a corner and cried, but for the others I only studied on the day of the exam. But then that’s my prerogative. There is a bunch of genuinely hard working people who appear in everybody’s speculative toppers’ lists. They also appear later on in this article.

Exam day routine consists of coming to college in the morning and sitting in groups. Everyone then proceeds to read and solve each other’s doubts. That way everyone learns. Apart from breaking for lunch, there are periodic chai breaks which we spend exchanging banter and generally lightening up. This goes on till 15 minutes before exam time, at which point we all troop towards the exam hall.

The group I study with likes to mess with people. In operations, we had something called a toaster problem in our portion. So on that day, this was every member of our group 15 minutes before the exam:

*goes to one of those jumpy nerds who absolutely HAVE to know everything*

‘Dude did you get the solution for the washing machine problem?!’

*jumpy nerd loses his shit*

‘Washing machine problem?? Where was this? Why haven’t I come across it??’

‘What are you saying? Prof gave it as an assignment in his second last class, remember? We’ve been bashing our heads in over this one, just not able to get a solution. Anyways, let me know if you get the solution.’

*walks away barely able to contain his laughter*

'There is no washing machine'- My best imitation of Jean Paul Sartre

‘There is no washing machine’- My best imitation of Jean Paul Sartre

Agreed, it only worked a few times. After a while when I asked someone the question, they said they knew the solution to the microwave oven problem instead. And I know it wasn’t the kindest of tricks but in our defence, it was fun while it lasted. Exams are a stressful time for all, and these lighter moments are necessary.

I guess our karma will come back to bite us at the time of results, but that’s a long time away. Anyhow, this is all for this time folks because, as it happens, I’ve got the organizational behaviour exam tomorrow. I wouldn’t want to be caught taking the exam too lightly, difficult as it may be to do that.

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