The End

Well not quite literally, but yes its the end of the first semester 🙂 Ever read “Snapshots from Hell” ? Well, grab it; its completely in tandem with what a B-school life is. I happened to read it prior the commencement of my session and one line stuck to me: “..I was asked how the semester was to which I answered great; the following statement was would you like to re-live it? to which prompt came a response: NO!”

You get the gist! No matter how crazy, how much you enjoy; the fact is nobody wants to be in the perennial incremental brain-pain! I write this after juggling a various tasks at hand and to my surprise, in some form or the other: the B-school education is changing me for the better. First up: I’m more open to different forms of evaluation (read: video making, being ripped apart at ppts is nothing new, role plays, case studies and of course the orthodox style of taking a written exam)

With the semester at its closure, the euphoria amongst all is immense, and more so because we’ve finally been assigned our disciplines! Hence a lot of us will be in different classes (excluding me 😉 ) With my staunch interest in the Operational aspect of business  domain, I reckon the choice wasn’t difficult to make.

Referring to the title per se; the end of sem1 seems like an achievement in itself. While the orientation is something everyone considers a milestone (which I conveniently enjoyed) I found the sem more of an extended version of it sans the PT in the morning and saris as uniforms. Nevertheless the pleasure of coming back to home in Mumbai is always a thing to cherish. To begin with, it was an almost fairyale end to my sem. I happened to reach the finals of a competition (a high in itself), I didn’t win; but the experience itself was one of a kind! If that wasn’t enough my friends had something planned for the night and we hit it off completely 🙂 Barcelona’s win was the cherry on the cake! Finally back home, all I needed was my bed and with mommy dearest at her best everything was as I always wanted: in its specific spot.

Somehow an MBA just grows onto you: eventhough I’m not on campus; I’m still wondering of the work that I can perhaps finish off within this short stint of holidays. With dare2compete as my best friend and a couple of other tasks on hand (read: club work) I can bet on the fact that a majority of us have this bug ingrained within us now.

I’ll take your leave with a thought to ponder upon: Your work can only speak for itself provided you work albeit no matter how much people claim-“managers don’t work, but get the work done”; yet you ought to work-its the secret to success.

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