The element of fun-Orion

“Fun” quite a subjective term ain’t it? What’s fun in a B-school? For some of us its the approaching weekend, while for the others its just a hilarious classroom session(yes, some lectures are uber-fun; & then of course there are always some sleep-inducing ones which I shan’t talk about) 😛

What are the sources of fun and frolic that encompass are zone? Aplenty! To elucidate: I’d say we’ve had cycling activities, treks, house parties, in-house DJs and what not!  But isn’t this what every B-school has?

Currently we’re embroiled in the making of Orion-2014 and ,boy, must I say it is FUN! From a majority of the college practicing for a flash mob to making calls for sponsors, judges and the like-Orion’s one of a kind experience.

Its interesting to see everyone so enthusiastic about the flashmob! From dancers to non dancers, those with 2 left-feet to those genetically blessed to dance: everyone’s under one roof.

While behind the scenes there are a number of people working in the background to “crack that call”  or convert that deal, tweak the game and make the perfect pitch. Its interesting to know how involved everyone is that tests are scheduled in and around this timing.

So for all those who didn’t know this is a one-of-a-kind forum, so do check out:


Adios amigo!!

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