Smooth Operator-The Final Countdown


Well so much for the build up of Orion! D-day is finally here and Smooth Operator’s on its way to blow your minds. With sponsors like Imperial logistics,Lupin, Ananda Valley, Impact logistics, Cartini, Cafe Nook and the like this year Smooth Operator’s bigger and only gets better!

From internship offers to prize money the stakes are higher. So what exactly is Smooth Operator about this time around??

First up a quiz was conducted, 10 shortlisted teams are expected to be on campus on the 18th of January and will be grilled in the Operations domain. From business games to cases the operationale is expected to be tested at the maximum.

Hoping for some grey matter at work and lots of fun, Smooth Operator’s an event to look out for.

Signing off, not to forget mentioning our wonderful sponsors 🙂

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