Sem 2

So I’ve been itching to write this for a really long time. After all its over 2 weeks since the 2nd sem begun. So far so good. Changes in the class strength, yes a definite change. Subjects: more tuned to our majors and interestingly once back on camps we had the post-Diwali decorations to welcome us.

Post the exchange of general pleasantries and sweets, our little class of Operations (yes literally little) went on to watch a movie. Its interesting how we take out time during the week, amidst the couple of hours here and there, to catch up on the latest flick/bond over lunch.

From Pizza Hut to Captain Philips, Thor to a night at Eden Court; these 2 weeks have been a blast for many reasons.  Apparently this ain’t the only thing on, in a B-school; we have interesting pop quizzes and brand-guessing game son in class. Then of course the usual grind of assignments catching up and the addiction of case competitions. In short: the best of a B-school. 🙂

Pune’s weather has experienced a paradigm change now. Chilly during dawn and dusk while reasonably sunny during the noon. It makes for a wonderful time to venture out and experience the city in its prime.

So naturally there had to be a few get aways. While Lavasa was one of the plans (which I conveniently forego, thanks to prior commitments), Imagica and Kashid seem to be on our radar now. Well the earlier we get to these places is important, as ridiculous assignments are always on (I call them ridiculous because it’s the exact same case/presentation/topic that was assigned to the prior batches: in short hardly a fresh incense of learning. Nevertheless, things change as per the need of the hour and we have an interesting assignment to deliver a lecture and conduct a quiz (yeah! we’re teachers apparently)

So, that’s all for now. Have a test lined up for Tuesday and a host of competitions to aim for.

Adios amigo

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