Qualities that Define a Great Business Administrator


“There is an immutable conflict at work in life and in business, a constant battle between peace and chaos. Neither can be mastered, but both can be influenced. How you go about that is the key to success.” – Philip Kotler


 There has been a constant debate between executives and educators on what makes a great business administrator. At the core of this difference lies an industry’s search for qualities that objectively define an “ideal executive”. Such an employee can cope with any diversity that comes his way during his tenure in an organization. To put it briefly, to be successful in any business sector like finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, human resource, etc. one must possess qualities that segregate him as the best from a horde of mediocre employees. Here is a list of qualities that define such an administrator:


  1. Leadership Skills

A successful administrator is firm, yet humble at the same time. Wielding a strong arm during business operations will ensure that employees follow orders and do your bidding as requested. Not every manager is a good leader. To become one, you must inspire a feeling of awe and respect amongst your fellow workers towards your business ethics and official code of conduct. If you can command a room and motivate a team of associates to perform their best, the race of leadership is won.


  1. Spirit to Compete

Becoming a manager or even the CEO does not mean that you have achieved the ultimate success. Competition at every step of your career will keep you strong and focussed towards the eventual goal of “personal development”. A constructive sense of competition can propel the best administrators to progress towards the forefront of the industry. The want and desire to perform better than competing organizations can prove vital to your success.


  1. Heightened Intellect

Intelligence is a sure shot way of earning respect. It not only helps in cultivating a global perspective, but sparks creativity as well. It never hurts to think outside the box; most of all for a business administrator who is expected to think and act on his feet from time-to-time. To progress in the right direction towards the pinnacle of greatness, ensure you have a thorough knowledge of the business world, economics, technology, history, politics, and other matters.


  1. The Risk Taker

No business can progress without taking risks. To face workplace calamity and surface a hero reinforces your authority in the eyes of the employees. You are a go-getter who is not afraid to take risks for the betterment of the organization – make sure this message is received loud and clear. A great business administrator has an entrepreneurial spirit and is gutsy enough to take risks in order to propel the business and improve revenues.


  1. Taking the First Step

A leader always initiates. Come hail or high water, it is the responsibility of the frontrunner to pave a smooth path for the rest of the entourage. Taking an initiative at work is a great business tactic at it constantly pushes people to learn more, work hard, and perform better. A great administrator is one who understands his complete potential, is headstrong, and has the confidence to take things forward.


  1. Exemplary Communication Skills

It goes without saying that a leader can never command his troops if he doesn’t know how to communicate well. Conversing fluently with authority, confidence, and panache ensures that you stay well ahead of the pack. Solid communication skills are important as no business operation is a solitary endeavour. Speaking well is not enough; a good administrator must possess a flair for writing, too, for achieving the highest levels of efficiency.


  1. Oodles of Ambition

The best business administrators are relentless. They are highly ambitious and very headstrong with pre-defined goals. A great leader or a manager will do anything in his power (within legal limits of course) to achieve those goals, and then make some more.


  1. Reliability

An employee of any organization needs proper support and guidance from the higher echelons. He needs to be assured that the managers will always be accessible and available when required. In short, the manager needs to be reliable. Great business administrators ensure that they don’t fall short in this category. They can be counted on to make a positive contribution at work in order to get the job done.


  1. Team player

Keeping the entire team together, on the same page, is a colossal task. For them to be aware of all the current business dealings, the manager needs to give appropriate and precise briefs. Constructive and timely feedback also ensures that the work flow remains smooth with minimal glitches. In order to become a successful administrator who is also a team player, conduct yourself in a respectable manner and always act responsibly and fairly.


  1. Sportsmanship

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Being a leader does not mean that you are dull, boring, and a complete workaholic. Socializing at work is as important as any business dealing. It improves communication with fellow employees and breaks territorial barriers. A good administrator knows when to let his hair down and when to be a strict disciplinarian. Maintaining a balance between work and leisure is of utmost importance when establishing relationships at work for a smooth business operation.


Such qualities and more have been a deciding factor for a great leader since time immemorial. How effectively you imbibe them in your personality, is the million dollar question that needs to be addressed.

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