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Bio-metric Attendance at MICA

Image: Marking Bio-metric attendance before a class at MICA

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July, 2011

The second week on campus was about to end soon. This week was starkly different from the first one. The seniors were back on campus and our life was suddenly upside-down. We were now officially MICAns, or we thought so, since the formal inauguration of our program has already happened and the classes had started at last. We were officially attending our MBA classes. This mere thought was tingling me with a pleasure. I was finally living a long-harbored dream. I was finally free from all the traps of corporate life, which started way too early for me and the mundane routine it brought with itself. And so I was keen on enjoying every bit of this hard-earned opportunity of going back to school and academics. I was taking classes quite seriously. I loved the rigor of studies and was religiously doing all the assignments and the pre-reads (hell yeah!). I guess everyone does in 1st week (only?). Everything was happening just as I would have wanted it to and had thought about so many times. But well, not quite yet.

Seniors came back from their summer internships and came back with a vengeance. The place which had become our home in past few days and we had started to think that it belonged to us was suddenly brimming of many more new faces. And like the freshmen these faces were not brimming with curious joy of a new place and life and dreams twinkling in eyes. These faces bore a confidence of different level, examining us like little preys, eyes twinkling with an incomprehensible joy. They were here to reclaim what was theirs and do it aloud. It was confusing and frustrating. We suddenly had menacing enemies we never knew before and without a reason. But could we really blame them for it? Funny, how it feels exactly the same next year when go on the other side of the deal. Life after all comes to a full circle for everyone.

It’s amusing to know that how we were dying to do those assignments and pre-reads in those days when we were being restricted from doing so, and how it never occurred to us later when we had all the time and opportunity to study. You crave for what is prohibited, even if it is not something you would like otherwise. So true! So this was my week-long affair with b-school pre-reads before we broke up for like forever. The only pre-reads that ever happened again were of movie/sit-com/book reviews or the latest revolutionary fiction out in market.

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