Once Upon A Time, There Was a Pre-read

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  1. aritreyee says:

    I wish u hadn’t revealed this one Ritu. This will no longer be a surprise for the coming batches if their seniors want to stage something like this for them

  2. Ritu Jhajharia says:

    Hi Ari,
    First of all thank you for reading the blog and your comment. I’ve been pretty careful into not revealing details that could hurt anything. Much more details are out there in public domain for everyone to see. In fact I’m in touch with many aspirants and some of them as readers of this blog. People know far more details already from other accounts like through their acquaintances or other forums. Besides just merely knowing about something doesn’t take away the fun completely, in fact might even increase it through anticipation at times. I felt compelled to write about something which formed an integral part of my MICA days at personal level and that’s the whole point. I’m being and will be careful into maintaining enough discretion though.

    Keep reading and keep writing 🙂

  1. October 15, 2013

    […] the last post, I mentioned about Pre-reads during first week of academic season. In the same post there was a […]

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