Music at MICA : Part -1

I had always wanted to do one of those “List of things” posts since they came in being. But I didn’t want it to be like those stupid things-to-do/ not-to-do lists before 25 (blahhh). So finally when this idea struck me, I had to do this. What better than enlisting the songs that have a special MICA memory associated with them? So here it is. Each of these songs holds a special place for me because of MICA. Some of them are because of personal reasons and some of them because they underline the times that was for us at MICA.

P.S. Please feel free to leave your suggestions that you would like to be added to this list. Also, I would love to know about what MICA listened and grooved to, in other times. So leave your comments.

The list must go on.

1. DK Bose – Delhi Belly

As mentioned in previous post about Delhi Belly, this list has to open with DK Bose. At the time we joined MICA, this song was taking the whole country by storm. The controversies over its lyrics (also its claim to fame), the video and of course the rocking music, all had made this song a hot favourite. Coupled with our timing of joining MICA, this song reminds me of the great start at MICA.

Here is the link to extended version of the song:

2. Cobra Cobra- Wilbur Sargunaraj

This was my introduction to the music of Wilbur Sargunaraj and I’m sure for many of us. Our batch was supposed to perform on this song for the first cultural night (fondly called as Culnite in MICA) as per the MICAn tradition. This was a completely hilarious experience. Even though I could not be part of this while performing due to my solo performance, just watching this had me in total splits. This has to be one of the funniest things that I witnessed in MICA.

3. School ke tame pe

Keeping up with the MICAn tradition, this was the song for special performance of MCSA, on the Culnite. I must say that MCSA did a surprisingly good job with this song, making it even more hilarious. I laughed my lungs out on those antiques and the song since has stayed with me for the fun I had that night.

4. Buttons by Pussycat Dolls

This was my first ever dance performance (solo) in MICA, during the same Culnight. The memories of this performance, the run-up to that night, the preparations and the final show are forever etched in my mind. I’ll write more about my experiences of this performance in some other post as that’s a story in itself. But this song will always be special for me as my first performance and the love that I got for dancing on this. A night I can never forget.

Culnite dance on Buttons

5. Hallelujah

So there was this extremely cute girl living next door to my room in 1st year, with a super-cool haircut (I have a thing for short and sexy cuts), with always a bright smile on her face and always humming something. I loved to have her so close to me because I could hear her singing all the time. It was so soothing. Needless to mention, she is an awesome singer (among a lot of other things that she does). And she was so sweet to sing for me every time I asked her to. I would randomly go to her and demand for a song or two, would call out to her that I need to listen to her songs and such things. And not once she denied. Hallelujah was one of the songs she used to sing very often. I used to feel at such calm when she sang this song. Never gave it much attention before but among all the songs I heard her singing, this remains special because she has spoilt any other version of it for me. This one is for you Sanchita Dasgupta. May you keep singing and keep making this world a better place to live in!

Sanchita Dasgupta

6. All songs in Palaash Dance

Palaash Dance is the inseparable part of MICA culture. Every year, all the boys in senior batch perform on a medley of songs for the new batch on the Fresher’s Night. This is one the biggest highlights of Fresher’s night. This tradition has been going on for years in MICA. The style and steps of the dance have become so famous that even Chavat Boys took ‘inspirations’ (read copy) from Palaash Dance during one of their performance this year on the reality show India’s Dancing Superstars.

(The link and photo is for my batch doing Palaash Dance in 2012 for our juniors)

Palaash Dance,2012

7. I like to move it move it – Madagascar

The Fresher’s Night was going on in full swing with beautiful performances by our seniors and suddenly, all lights went out. The catchy tune of I like to move it from Madagascar-2 started playing and all of a sudden some girls got up and started doing some funny dance steps. Even before we could understand anything, some more girls started joining them randomly. They were all over the place, in the audi, where the function was taking place. And then it came to us, we were witnessing a flash mob by our seniors. The senior girls decided to do something of their own as the guys were already doing Palaash Dance. Hence, came the Parijaat Dance. Oh boy! Did they surprise us? Hell, yeah.

We did the same for our juniors too 🙂

Parijaat Dance, 2012

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