MBA in Operations — a Lucrative Management Profile

One of the most important functional areas, operations management makes for a specialization worth all the efforts. The following post takes a quick look at MBA in Operations


Operation Management is one of the most important functional areas of management and it is significantly interconnected with many other core activities in an organization. In fact it can be regarded as the heart of the business. Therefore there is no wonder that doing MBA in Operations management is a very good career option for a student and ensures a bright future ahead.

Generally speaking MBA in Operations teaches its learners how to ensure the efficient flow of actions, curb down over heads and ensure customer satisfaction for the organization. And as a matter of fact each and every industry has got an operation section having a great role to play in terms of the organizational growth. He should also keep himself up-to-dated to keep pace with of today’s ever changing and dynamic business scenario. However it is concerned with much more, read on to know more about it.

mba in operations management

What is MBA in Operation Management?

Operation management is an area of specialization in management studies that deals with designing and managing the production process of goods and services. It ensures the efficient and economic utilization of resources involved in the said process as well as satisfying the consumer needs. It also takes care of the process of converting the inputs such as raw materials, energy and labor into outputs in terms of finished goods or services. It is also the responsibility of an operation manager to ensure that the production process is eco-friendly and energy efficient to the most possible extent.

The roles and responsibilities of an operations manager are as follows—

  • Designing and updating operational procedures of the organization
  • Direct the operation team to fulfill organizational target
  • Ensuring the team goes by the preset standard of operation procedure
  • Conduct meetings with team members to discuss issues and updates.
  • Maintain proper and thorough documentation of entire operational activities
  • Solving customer issues and help keep up good customer relationship
  • Preparing performance feedback and sending to the concerned department
  • Helping the employee appraisal process based on the monitored performance
  • Conducting training and development sessions to ensure efficient operations

Job prospects and future in MBA in Operation Management

The opportunity for career growth for a student passing MBA in Operations Management is immense. As the program enables its students to help and increase the productivity of an organization which is directly related to the growth of revenue, therefore such a person may prove himself to be an asset of the organization. And it is for this reason that an efficient MBA in Operations is a very sought after criteria for the employers. A person with such degree can hold up various responsible positions such as Operation manager, Plant manager, Manufacturing consultant, Production manager, Section manager, Branch trainer, Chief operation officer, Operation management engineer, Inventory manager etc. And if one can prove himself to be smart and efficient enough for the job, he has enough opportunities to gradually move up the hierarchy of the organization. And as far as present Indian business context is concerned the scope for an operation management professional is considerably wide for there is still adequate demand of effective and efficient operation managers in any industry whatsoever.

In conclusion we can say that Operation management can be considered an interesting specialization for managements students interested in the manufacturing process. And it is also undeniable that a full proof corporate strategy would be incomplete without proper emphasis on the operation area which can only be managed by an effective operation manager. And if you are an MBA in operations from a renowned management or engineering institute then you will not have ever to look back in your career that can be safely guaranteed as of now and in the years ahead.

MBA in Operation Management Institutes in India

There are many renowned institutes in the nation that offer MBA in Operations Management. Some of them are given in the following list –


  1. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR), Mumbai  (
  2. National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Mumbai  (
  3. Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management (SIOM), Nashik (
  4. University of Petroleum and Energy Studies Dehradun, (
  5. Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management (
  6. Hyderabad Business School, GITAM University (
  7. ICBM – School of Business Excellence, Hyderabad (

The above list contains just a handful of the educational institutes however there are many more such recognized institutes throughout the country catering the said course.

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