From orientation to the close of the semester, it’s been quite a journey. While I reminiscence, the realisation dawns upon me: pursuing an MBA really pushes you to your limits. For engineers to break out of the last minute study mode, to the 15 seconds of fame the B.Com grads get in the accounts lectures; trust me an MBA is NOTHING like a grad course! So here are takeaways from the 1st sem:

1. If an engineer, DO NOT even think of studying the last minute: it won’t work.

2. The irony of life: to be managers have to manage time in such a fashion that they attend lectures, read up, participate in extra and co curricular activities, know whats happening in he world, read a bit more and yet be awake during lectures

3. If you think the weekend is when you’ll go and “chill” well think again! The amount of money you lend is waaaay more than the amount you have- might just get broke.

4. Theory of relativity: time flies the fastest when there’s a deadline to meet. When practically nothing specific’s on schedule, time’s your best friend.

5. Your ability of jugaad is on ful display for a couple of assignments, however the ctrl+c, ctrl+v  doesn’t get caught is another story to write about.

6. People are better than you, accept it. The worst side of human nature is on display, perhaps. Your skills to deal with it is what defines how you go on ahead.

7. A cat may occasionally find solace under your bed. Rumors of your Sheldon-like traits may spread.

8. The night when people get high, is the best time to record a video. Trust me, you will always want some quick dose of comedy.

9. The night/morn pick a me-time. The adrenalin rush with excess work can get to you, you need the “sigh of relief” moment.

10. Not everyone’s a friend. Not everyone’s an enemy.

11. You will run out of money/food stock/toiletries at the time when you don’t want to step out of the premises. So keep enough contingency plans.

12. Skills can always be improved upon. Remember: an experienced person took longer to reach where a fresher did. Hence, everyone’s at par.

13. Incorporate kaizen in your life.

14. Keep learning.

15. Lastly, the most important thing is integrity. Keep calm and kaam se kaam.



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