It’s when you don’t have it that you value it..

Hmm nothing sentimental about this post 😉 I’ll be straight to the point and the title’s self-explanatory. 2 utmost important things for a student

1. Wi-Fi/Internet connectivity and

2. Electricity

The lack or rather none of it for more than 10hours has really gotten me thinking.  What’d the world do without the internet. Gone are the days when I used to refer to Britannica/Encyclopaedias; buy charts/pictures from the local stationery shop and get the project report under way. Today was different: an assignment on Financial Accounting couldn’t commence thanks to “no internet”; simply put: No electricity=No internet=No work!

So what did we do? Well, nothing out of the ordinary, while some were busy playing basketball for hours at a stretch, a few slept away to glory (yes, even in the unbearable heat!) Some preferred to go out of the campus and run a few errands while a few found solace in the Acad block (read: Library!) Yes the electricity was on in a few sectors of the campus; even though the generators were on yet the issue was to be addressed completely.

So that’s that. Well I thought I’d introduce my Faculty in this post, as I’ve been meaning to do so since quite a while:-

1. Production and Operations Management-he’s one of a kind. Teaches in Q&A form. Makes sure you put on your thinking caps and you need to justify anything you say.  You’d not want to be caught eating in his lecture, in case you do-you’ll have to buy chocolates for the entire class:p

2. Statistics: Not the quintessential, cliché teaching or teaching style. Uses live and practical software to drill in the subject in us and has a unique method to increase our interest: a penny awarded to the one with penetrative insights in every lecture.

3. Marketing Management: The brain behind the “Definitely male” tagline of Pulsar, agreeably the most updated professor in the college. He’ll rip you apart during presentations and you’ll only be asking for more! “Mad fellow!” is his trademark (I guess  it’s got to do with the BCG matrix 😉 )

4. Financial Accounting: The darling prof, makes sure balance sheets aren’t all that Greek for engineers! He asks us to solve a sum or “pretend to solve it” hehe yes he says that very often 😛

5. Financial Management: the laziest of all-she has only 1 way of teaching the subject: formula followed by a sum, who knows what the concept is!

6. Organisational Behaviour: a senior prof, but a subject in itself not interesting me

7. Human Resource Management: I literally sleep through this one.

8. Management Trends: Knowledgeable woman! Knows the history, family tree, merger, current scenario of each company or business holding!

9. Business Environment: A reservoir of knowledge, her articles are published in financial newspapers as well. She’s the one who actually comes with the aim to impart knowledge and hence the daily homework to read and write a page on the financial newspaper we read.

10. Business Laws: the Zeenat Aman look alike, she has a fixation for Sardarjis and cracks all the possible double-meaning jokes, imparts law knowledge on and off

11. Research methodology: Yes I’m seeing more of research in MBA than in Engineering.

12. Business communication: Adorable teacher, but an equally sleep inducing lecture as in the case of HRM

13. Managerial Economics: Makes us run around for brownie points (read: class participation) and honestly, I think she ain’t up to the mark  per se.

14. Computer Application: A filler in the time table, why we have it I have no clue!

Looking back I reminiscence how many teachers have taught me and how few have really had any impact. Its strange what a vast gap lies within the education system: there’s a dearth of good teachers primarily because by sheer will there are very few who want to or aspire to become teachers and take it up as a profession.

One of my professors’ had very aptly put across a lesson for life, which I still follow to the tee..”you’ve got to do it whether you like it or not, might as well develop an affinity towards it and get done with it happily..” So, I’m tying the loose ends and finishing off the assignment albeit I really want to or not.


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