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My name is Rohit Rao, and I’m a first year MMS student from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (variously abbreviated to JBIMS, JB or just Bajaj). Over the coming weeks I shall endeavour to make you a vicarious participant of the happenings at my college. So whether you’re an MBA aspirant contemplating admission into Bajaj, a curious visitor from another college, or anybody really, there’ll be something for you.

I’m a fresher straight out of engineering college, and I love reading, writing, quizzing and trying to be funny. I’m not going to offer serious gyaan, because I am not a serious person. In fact most of my articles will be self-depreciating humour and snide observations about life in a B-school. So if you can’t take a joke in good stride, there’s always the official website. 

I’d also like to go on record to say that the content in these posts are not to be taken literally, and that I’m only trying to portray in a humorous way what is indeed a thoroughly enjoyable experience. With that out of the way, I do hope you’ll enjoy reading the articles.


That's my standard issue 'captain of this ship' photograph.

That’s my standard issue ‘captain of this ship’ photograph.

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