From Bajaj to Beatles

I personally am of the belief that you can find the answer to most of your problems in a Beatles song. Whatever your sorrows, it’s nothing that a hearing of Yellow Submarine won’t cure. And I dare you to not join in Hey Jude’s coda with your worst high pitch voice (naaaaa-naa-naa-na-na-na-naaaa-hey Juuude, yes that one).

A rare and undocumented photograph of the Beatles' visit to Bajaj.

A rare and undocumented photograph of the Beatles’ visit to Bajaj.

So in that spirit, I am going to explain a few nuances of the life of a JB student, in terms of Beatles songs:

  1. Help!: The feeling a new student gets during induction and at the announcement of mid-terms. Seriously though, don’t worry about exams. You’ll make it through. And induction at Bajaj will hands down be your favourite experience here.
  2. Across The Universe: Roughly the distance travelled by some of the local students. If there’s one adjective I would unhesitatingly use for Mumbai, it’s big. I’m sure there must be some sort of bravery award for travelling nearly four hours back and forth in rickety trains full of people with sweat disorders and a proclivity to apply sinister smelling oils. And if there isn’t one, there bloody well should be.
  3. Yesterday: The submission date for all your assignments. Like I mentioned before, every teacher sincerely believes with all his/her heart that he/she is the only one giving us assignments. They also operate under the woeful impression that we students are diligent and organized. The resultant assignments schedule causes one to laugh and cry simultaneously.
  4. Eight Days A Week: What your time table looks like. Were you fond of the concept of weekends? Ha ha, too bad. Since the resident faculty at JBIMS consists of a few professors, and a majority of the teachers are visiting faculty who also hold professional jobs, everybody wants to teach on a weekend. As a result, Saturday and Sunday are usually the busiest days in college.
  5. I’m Only Sleeping: The reply you must give to your teacher when you are caught in class. It’s hard to sit through three hours of Indiana Jones, let alone management lessons. You most definitely will dabble in power naps.
  6. With A Little Help From My Friends: The lesson that every student learns within the first month at college. JB is a very student driven college, where we have to get most of the things done. While it is a learning experience, it also means that you’d be hopelessly lost without your seniors and batch mates.
  7. Helter Skelter: Your physical and mental state of being around summer placements. Never have you held as low an opinion of yourself as during that week. Stressful at first, it progressively descends into an exercise in apathy for yourself as days go by.
  8. Please Please Me: The fervent hope you have in your heart after your submission for any corporate competition. But it takes a lot more than just hope to get through. But even if you’re sitting in the audience and just listening to the selected teams, there’s a lot to learn.
  9. Why Don’t We Do It In The Road?: The outlook which has led to the students playing under-arm gully cricket behind college. Sometimes while dressed in formals. With some of the older students with gentle bellies and thinning hair arguing over a single run. It makes for a surrealism that has to be seen to be believed.
  10. How Do You Do It?/ I Should Have Known Better: Either song works wonderfully to convey general sentiment about Financial Accounting. Or maybe it’s just me, I don’t know.

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