Dreaming beyond degrees- how picking the right career is no longer about which degree you get

A right career choice is about following one’s deepest ambitions. With elements like family background, parental expectations, and run-of-the-mill career options shadowing decisions; this has always been a contentious decision in every student’s life. However, this is a paradoxical age; social expectations on one hand and diversified educational options catering to areas of interest on the other have made choice painful. With rising enthusiasm and confidence towards entrepreneurial ventures, “passions and dreams”are taking a leap over “degrees”.

Youngsters are no longer worried about trying something new or unconventional; risk is no longer a liability, but poses itself as an adventure to go after. In the case of Jefferson Prince from UK, 17, a school kid turned tech expert and CEO; he sourced his love for tech to found iCazual Entertainment, an independent multi-platform games developing company.

Nearer home, Sandeep Gajakas, a Fire Engineering graduate from the NIFE, Nagpur went on to follow his passion and become the founder of Shoe Laundry, India’s First footwear care service in the year 2003. Shoe Laundry was a revolutionary idea lovingly carved in the mind of a 22 year old; a dream to inculcate footwear hygiene and shoe care as a part of every Individual’s lifestyle. Other renowned examples are Mani Ratnam, a now celebrated film-maker who was in fact an MBA and Anil Kumble, an engineer turned cricketing ace.

So, we can realize the clear demarcation that is evolving between education (degrees) as a means of acquiring knowledge and career as a pursuit of one’s dreams. Education is slowly drifting into the background and disruptive career choices are coming to the fore. We should all be a part of this revolution and take the leap of faith in oneself and in one’s abilities.

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