Burst of B-School Competitions

The title says it all, I’ve been held up with a basketful of them and still counting. Honestly, its fun and this is what teaches you anything, no wonder I don’t mind missing a couple of classes for the same. The research, the insights, the debates, the adrenalin and most of all the need for achievement are just a few of the many myriad perks you receive once enrolling in a B-school competition.

From article writing, to research papers, case studies to simulation games, workshops to quizzes the one stop shop (read: site) is full of the upcoming and on going events that one would ever need to be aware of in India. So dare2compete does that for you: compilation, information gathering and sorting. All you need to do is pick the one you’re keen on and you’re good to go. what’s admirable about my college is the fact that we have a club within the college that actually forces us to participate, teaches us to grow and evolve when it comes to participating and not just participate but even win competitions.

So from how to make a presentation, to how to approach a case study, we learn the nuances of it all; from none other than our seniors. I’ve never come across such dedication from people who are making others win.. its truly inspiring. We have some on campus who actually have been able to do reimburse their tuition fee thanks to the prize money earned in competitions! Well that’s just one facet, what’s important is that a number of companies actually organise such competitions and its important to participate and nail it lest they offer a PPI/PPO. The trend has been that the HR prefer those candidates who have taken an interest and keen initiative in going the extra mile and prove their differential advantage. While I’ve been in one of those self absorbed states’ of researching and preparation; what I’ve gathered is that finally I’ve found something intellectually stimulating in a Bschool. All this while I preferred Engineering when it came to using your brains, but these case studies! Complete no brainer!

So now that its a weekend, we have a couple of things lined up. The usual trend of assignments follows. There also seems to be a guest lecture by one going by the name of Cyrus Bharucha. Good or bad I don’t know, what’s on our mind is we’ve got to re-visit orientation as we have to drape saris (uggh!). Sunday of course party plans! Almost the entire campus will be off to our Student Council’s President’s party, organised in one of the most happening places(or so I’m told) in Pune. that’s a different thing I haven’t heard of the DJs or the place (yeah ignorance is bliss :p )

Aidos amigos as I have another set of research to look into and what would you guess it to be~Business Laws :p If that’s not enough I’m also looking to finish reading the novel “The Goal” and prepare for a GD on Financial Management (ROFL I know! Who keeps GDs on finance) Now before this seems more like a to-do list and less of a post, I’ll sign off with a quote I follow to the tee- “The best time to do anything is now, so just go do it”

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