Back from the *wait for it* grind!

Well, so this is my first post from home. You would be wondering what I’m doing up so late(in the night)/early(in the morn). Well I’d like to call it the B-school syndrome! Symptoms: eyelids are heavy, sleep in the eyes; but you just can’t fall asleep for the simple reason that you have so much ground to complete.

I’ll take you through the previous couple of weeks’. Well they’ve been really packed! From my mornings and evening s booked for Soccer to the nights n the cage: working on case studies. From quizzing to preparing for the all-important Major. (its a different story, that I actually faffed 3 of them so I’d by default get what I want (wait a min: I did study for the one that I want sooo earnestly!) ) From a twisted ankle (thanks to Soccer) to the juggling of Nokia’s work (now that it’s with Microsoft, surprisingly the TVCs have reduced) its been quite a week!

Hmm so internals almost done, the semester’s coming to a close and with less than a month left for the exams we Engineers on campus consider this to be an eternity of time to prepare. What with the 1 night prior preparation and finally leaving a portion of the syllabus on account t of options and choices within the paper. Engineering! Intellectually stimulating, in-depth knowledge of the  few 4-5 subjects and you’re done. MBA: global knowledge and communication skills of 4 times the number of subjects in Engineering  and you should make it! So while I’m a “Langdi Tyagi” all I can do is hope for the next Semester to be favourable and the exams to be worthwhile (of course study too :p)

With the global economy in a loom and the depreciation of the rupee, the Syria war and the interest in oil trade with Iran; I seem to wonder what ‘s happening in the world! The macro to the micro level: the demand supply forces are affected by EVERYTHING! Drawing parallels to Science: there is order in chaos. Everything is dependent even though it happens independently. So say, today you happen to hear Mr. Rangarajan talk about the economy and boom there’s a rise in the Sensex! How? I reckon its a matter of perception. Keeping everything else a constant the demand for the appreciation of the rupee is higher than the supply of the rupee in-flows. Since the supply of dollars is more and it needs to be converted to rupee, there’s an excess amount of rupee circulation in the domestic market. So? Well it isn’t a good sign as more of the rupee in the domestic market, more is the purchasing capacity of people. Hence the spending capability increases and there is a rise in the demand of the commodities/goods and services. However the prices for dearer goods increases as the amount of the level of the supply of essential goods has increased. therefore a hike in Onion prices is observed! Hmm too much of economics?

Looks like I ought to put a full-stop to this and share something on a lighter vein. Well so what’s the full-form of SIMS?? (Hint: think laterally)












Well its Sometimes I Must Study

(As told to me by a Senior)

End of PJ

Good day/night! 🙂



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