Back from a hiatus

First up, this was a long hiatus (not by choice of course). From the weird assignments in Marketing to the calculative Fin Management lectures; the tests and the Group Discussion- we’ve come a long way!
As I type the clock’s ticking and at the moment I have a Case study to research on, 2 tests line dup to study and prepare for, a questionnaire to review and seek data from, an Operations homework to do..well you get the picture. It’s a nice way to keep one’s mind occupied every time-MBA so does that to you! Take my word for it-lunch/dinner conversations revolve around “MM how many pages done?” To give you a brief background on what MM is-
Well we have Marketing Management as a subject and there’s this HANDWRITTEN assignment of 40 pages! The good part-any topic, any domain and it ought to be a secondary research to be carried out. Even better-I’m done with it πŸ˜€ So while one of my roommate’s busy compiling the Table of Contents, I’m here capturing the days’ events. A Monday is usually considered to be one of those dreadful days-however in my case today was a very light day. The first lecture from 09:30 am (yaay! I got to squeeze in a half hour of extra sleep) of Production and Operation Management was an eye opener of sorts: the first assignment that was already submitted at a prior date-well most of us didn’t get it bang on as Sir hadn’t taught us the content-yet we’ve been given the leeway! Out of the 2 case studies I reckon I’ve made a minute error in one of the flowcharts (ok, not to bore you further, I’ll change gears to something interesting)

Post the lectures, lunch and an early “day-off” we went on to prepare for a case study competition-so engrossed in it that my teammate and I didn’t attend the “Sur Auditions”. Well, for starters Sur is the song and music club: they were holding auditions for the club and the entire batch and in part the senior were present to cheer, hoot, enjoy and have a whale of a time during the evening. Dinner conversations led to reveal that a number of non-singers, bathroom singers, closet singers et al came to the forefront and showcased their talent! Well, the night’s young and I just got to completing my ME (Managerial Economics) homework-why so much emphasis on it you’d ask-the faculty’s keen on the “brownie-point” system: anyone who answers her questions, completes her homework gets marks for Class Participation. I secretly consider this as a lecture for Desperate Class Participation: everyone’s keen and competitive to get that brownie. Not to forget the lovable class we’re we stop post 1 brownie point per class πŸ˜€
Now to brief you on a bit on the past few days:
Chess tournaments, TT matches, badminton selections, a number of injuries. Vibes-the dance club’s auditions, a few more club openings and selections and the usual lectures and guest lectures has been keeping us occupied. Not to forget, worth mentioning is the blood donation camp that will be organised on the 31st of this month. (Yes, I shall as I’ve done it before & encourage everyone to do so-its easy and nothing more than a prick πŸ™‚ )
2 months hence it seems time just flies in SIMS, yes I’m yet to explore different pockets of the city :p for consolation one of the 3 roommates’ is a local from Pune and as she gets done to completing her MM research paper, we’re planning to celebrate with a midnight’s feast (over exaggeration: we’re just going to have a biscuit/cookie/the like and get back to work) hehe this just reminds me of OB (Organisational behaviour) wherein the Prof. would describe this as a basic, sublimal need to be satisfied-hence the urge to eat (yes, I don’t make head or tail of it-Math makes sense to me..this is worse than Greek..but then again, each to his own) As I plan to pack my bag and retire for the night, I’ll leave you with a food for thought: or rather the B-lesson for today- add financials in a ppt. not many question you further πŸ˜‰

I’m off to completing the case study research now and oh yes, this seems the best time to work on it post the biscuit break :p Aidos amigos

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