In a nutshell: the week tha was

So, something very crucial I happened to miss out completely! To begin with I am crazy about bikes and cars and anything that moves when it comes to automobiles! Since the past 4 years I’ve been trying to convince my mother to permit me to ride a bike, but to no avail. Hence I took it on me to go ahead with the learning and finally buy it at an opportune time. In SIMS almost every second male has a bike-ranging from Pulsar(135cc to 220cc), Kawasaki Ninja, Enfield and the like. Hmm so what’d I do? Well, I caught somebody with a bike and asked him to tutor me. So far so good. In second gear at the moment, having had my first fall (no injuries-Eureka moment) and trying to balance the heavyweight-doesn’t compare even close to the sheer bliss riding provides me with. I’m yet ride in heavy traffic and manoeuvre blind turns, but for the moment I’m basking in the glory of what I’ve been wanting to do for a really long time!

So these days we’ve been piled on with research-paper-like assignments, tests and the like. Seriously, the list is endless. One ends the other begins. So much that I missed my Convocation.  Yes you read it right. I missed it for a Marketing Test. Such is life. Nevertheless it seems the coming week has quite a number of holidays and a majority of my colleagues are planning for a week of bliss back home. Me? Naa, just a weekend back home should suffice. Why? For the simple reason that I’m not homesick 😛 they’ve kept us so busy that there’s possibly no room for it.

On 15th August college obviously does not have lectures but has organised some ceremonies. The talk by the Director, the flag hoisting and a showcase of talent from the different divisions. In addition there’s a Freedom run marathon held at the main university at Lavale. Hmm seems more lucrative than draping a sari and sitting in an auditorium, I preferred to go for a run. A brilliant decision as our college actually won the Rolling trophy for maximum participation and we got a lecture off for the next morning (Yaay!)

With a long weekend a majority planned to go home and I followed suit. Mumbai’s always a pleasure and to top it with the pampering of varied food from mommy, just makes it worth it!



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