When should you think twice before joining IIM A?

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  1. D M says:

    I am from a Tier 3 college(non IIT-NIT-BITS), and have an annual package of 10LPA. Are you saying an MBA will not help me financially?

  2. subham says:

    that’s the worse thing I have ever read in my life.

  3. nirjhar mondal says:

    Dear you can analyse only after compare life and daily schedule of people from other streams such as

    Government servant( No targets, no risk, no competiton, less working hours, less income, departmental vigilence, no galloping promotions.)
    Employee of a business house( Targets, less facilities, no job security, good promotions, good income, no post retirement security, no vigilence,flexible but 24 hours working hours so long asyou perform and there is no competitors, no college tag)
    A Teacher/ professor in a college( Simple and monotonous life for first 10 years and academically interactive and rewarding after that)

    A businessman ( Flexible working hours, 24 hours tension of yourself and your business and your employees, Good income, sees ups and downs, no professional tag matters, never retires)

  4. nirjhar mondal says:

    In short Nach meri bulbul to paisa milega IS TRUE FOR ALL

  5. nirjhar mondal says:

    We all desire money, we all desire money, we all desire friends, we all desire facilities, we all desire security, we all desire attention because we think we are week.
    You were not born and IITian, Not and IIM person, not a person from tier 4 college. Life after education is a race with no finishing point. Everybody ( leading or trailing) thinks finishing point has arrived but it never comes. So keep running till you exhaust and burn out.
    LIke my answer – post a reply.

  6. Harshaditya says:

    Bro, even those salary figures are inflated. In hand salary is way lesser. Everything they can stock up is included in the ctc offered.

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