What makes a good leader?

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  1. Ben Simonton says:

    Don’t think about style. Leadership is not about you, it is about leading your people.But where are you supposed to be leading them? The answer is to lead them to be Superstars, highly motivated, highly committed and fully engaged Superstars. Leadership is simply the transmission of value standards. The transmission mechanism is the support you provide to your people – tools, training, planning, procedures, discipline, direction, technical advice, and the like. The quality of your support dictates how well your people will perform because of how good your leadership is. The standards you transmit are what they use as how to perform their work and treat their customers, each other, and their bosses. They will become Superstars if your leadership reflects the highest standards of all values: honesty, openness, respect, courtesy, fairness, integrity, knowledge, and the like. Spend your time not listening to them or giving them orders and you will lead them to become demotivated, demoralized, and disengaged.

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